When waiters open bottles of wine, most of them use these simple lever device, because it folds up nicely with the worm protected in the pocket.

It's a waiter's best friend.

Made by Heinrich Kaufmann of Solingen, Germany

With advertising: BOTH Weinbrand

Ein Korkenzieher tut not zum öffnen einer Flasche

material: steel

Kaufmann + a Symbol

This is my absolute favorite.

A corkscrew from the most famous knife-forge of France,

Chateau Laguiole, Vialis,

with a bee as the symbol of the forge.

With a hornhandle and a leathercase.

I've opened a few bottles of wine, alone or with good friends, yet.....to be continued.

material: steel, horn

Chateau Laguiole

This is on of the

Deutsches Reichs Patent D.R.P. 20 815

Patented on May 26th,1882

by Karl F.A. Wienke of Rostock, Germany.

Manufactured at

Kolumbuswerk of Solingen.

With advertising:

Cognac Buton Il Preferito

Coca Buton Fortifica

material: steel


A waiters friend with foilcutter.

Designed by

Eduard Becker, Solingen, Germany

and registered on May, 26th 1897.

D.R.G.M. No. 76 642

With advertising:

Rosbach Springs near Homburg

Rosbach Empress of table waters

material: steel


At this typ of waiter's friend you find two caplifters. One in the handle, the other in the lever.

It's for people who can't decide.....

With the tip of the lever you can make a hole in a tin.

With advertising.

material: steel

France Depose

This is an example of

Davis's American patent No. 455,826

of July 14th, 1891.

This style was frequently sold to breweries as a giveaway with an engraved advertising.

material: steel tin plate

THE DAVIS CORKSCREW with the patent date.

Another Waiter's friend.

English registered design

from September 8, 1910

for John Watts, Sheffield, England

material: steel

John Watts, Sheffield
Rd. 569470

with advertising:
Dewar's Scotch Whisky

At this two corkscrews the worm folds up into a channel formed by the handle. The handle stamping has a caplifter in line with the flat of the channel top.

I think they use it for bottles of beer, and less for bottles of wine.

The right one has an additional tin opener.

material: steel

left: none

Sky-line Bevarage Boy
Made in England
Reg. Des. 892331

Thousands of waiter's friends have been produced yet, with or without plastic or metal handles, with or without advertising.

These are only a few more.

That one on the left side is a nice, old french one with advertising.

material: steel, plastic

right and middle right: Farm Maniago Italy

bottom: COLUMBUS

left and middle left: none

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